I come to the small village of Kashino in the Novgorod region for the second year in a row. The village is surrounded by agricultural fields, small picturesque river snakes nearby, brick barn is clogged with well-groomed cattle, and the local forests are full of different animals, mushrooms and berries.

The settlement has about 50 yards. A total of 10 houses inhabited permanently. Approximately 15-20 houses are populated only for the summer. The remaining buildings fall apart year after year.

It would seem that there are all conditions for work and organization of the household around. But, apparently, Russia has so much land that no one needs it. People flock to large cities, pay millions for miserable concrete caves while villages are rapidly dying and collapsing.

I could say that this is a natural process for any country. Such a perfect way to justify any negative aspect of life in Russia. Pure whataboutism in action. However, I cannot calmly look at what is happening after a trip to Poland, where prosperity and order reign in the countryside.